I grew up in a family with three children, where everyone was an expert in talking and listening to six different conversations all at the same time – I needed to find my own voice. In my early twenties, I traveled to Switzerland and picked up my first camera to record my adventures. I immersed myself into the world of photography and began photographing for major European magazines.

Later, in San Francisco, I met my husband Gary an artist, metal sculptor and constant source of inspiration. I opened a successful advertising and fine art photography studio and worked with some of the countries finest art directors. On weekends, as a way to relax, we would search flea markets, antique stores and meet dealers who had a shared passion for vintage furnishings.

Giving the existing treasures my own signature style, I filled our home, studio and our friends’ homes with fabulous finds. With inspiring new finishes, modern fabrics and an original point of view, I recreated them into “vintage gone modern”. Today I am living my dream creating one of a kind home furnishings and contemporary fine art photography….introducing gardenhouse.

warm regards,
cheryl maeder antonio

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