Giving Birth to an Art Installation!

November 11th, 2015 by

Canvas Outdoor Museum Comes to Life in West Palm Beach


Sitting here at my computer, waiting to go out to the location to set up for my film installation SUBMERGE . Waiting not so patiently, hoping there is no rain so that we can finally test the film projection at the location. The film installation is under the Royal Park Bridge Walkway, West Palm Beach (the middle bridge to Palm Beach). Finally after so many months of anticipation and planning, Friday, November 13th from 6:00 to 10:00 pm , I will be projecting the film every night through November 22nd. Canvas Outdoor Museum is finally here. Twenty world renowned artists flying in for the nations’ largest outdoor museum show. I am the local artist that was selected from West Palm Beach for the exhibition. It has been a long time coming and finally here! Please give good thoughts for sunshine tonight while I prepare to SUBMERGE!

Here is the link to the film for all those that can’t be in West Palm Beach.

Panoramic with Submerge Cropped


Defying Expectations! Cornell Museum, Group Exhibition Exxpectations


It has been such an incredible experience exhibiting at Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, in the group exhibition Exxpectations. The Curators Brenda Zappitell and Melanie Johanson have been so wonderful to work with. The exhibition features female artists from across the US and Canda tht defy conventions.

The exhibition will be up through January 3rd.

The reception was on October 29th and here are some photographs from the reception.

Cornell Museum3

Cornell Museum Cornell Museum Brenda



A Night with Friends at Villa Antonio

My most wonderful Les Copines friends Jane Dagmi, Judith Knopf and Karen Tierney came over to dinner at our house some weeks ago. We were celebrating Jane’s birthday and she brought the cake! An absolutely incredible strawberry cake that I almost ate it all up myself.


Janes strawberry cake


Till next time!

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The Open Road of Possibilities

October 20th, 2015 by


Dreamscapes Photographs at DCOTA, Inside Out Showroom

Hooray!! Really happy to have my Dreamscapes Photographs exhibited at the beautiful Inside/Out Showroom, DCOTA Design Center, B216. If you are there at the DCOTA, please stop by!

Inside Out Showroom Dreamscapes copy

October 3rd, Opening Reception, The NEXT Gallery, Italy!

Love that my film installations were being exhibited in Italy at the gorgeous NEXT Gallery in Piacenza in the Group Exhibition Plural Unique. The opening reception was October 3rd. Here are some photos taken at the opening reception. Was so happy to see people at the gallery enjoying my film PLAY! Made me very happy.. Viva L’Italia!

12105692_1506734409636816_5625841357713705956_n copy







 Armory Art Center, The Artists of Art Salon: A Collective Dialogue

October 9th, was the Artist Talk for The Armory Art Center, The Artists of Art Salon: A Collective Dialogue, curated by Elle Schorr. Really enjoyed speaking about my work.

Artist Talk Armory Art Center


GardenWalls, Desert Bliss Collection, Gold

Love designing the GardenWalls, nature-inspired wall coverings. Here is my pick for the blog today. Hope you enjoy!

Desert Bliss Collection, Gold

Desert Bliss, Gold_Room View


Kick Off Party for Canvas Outdoor Museum Show, West Palm Beach

Saturday night was the opening Kick Off Party for Canvas Outdoor Museum Show. Can’t believe that the show will be happening in just a few weeks. November 8 – November 22nd. Twenty artists will be flying in from all parts of the world, and I am the only local artist from West Palm Beach that will be in the exhibition! I will be exhibiting my film SUBMERGE here in the USA for the first time! So very excited. Here are some photos from Saturday’s party!

Nicole Henry of Nicole Henry Fine Art, Creator & Visionary behind CANVAS with her two adorable children.

Nicole on Stage


There’s more celebrations but I will wait for the next blog post.

Till Next Time!

Bengi and Cheryl


The Turning of New Leafs even here in Florida!

September 30th, 2015 by


Hanging on to Summer just a little longer with GardenWalls, Italian Summer Collection


I created the GardenWalls Collection to bring the outdoors into our indoor living spaces. I photograph elements in nature and incorporate these elements into the nature-inspired wall-coverings. Here is my pick for the blog. Italian Summer, Chocolate to welcome the fall.

Blog _1

Maeder exhibiting in Italy

One of my favorite places in the world is Italy! So I was very excited that I will be exhibiting there! If anyone is in Italy for October, please visit The NEXT Gallery in Piacenza, Italy. The exhibition Plural Unique will be at NEXT Gallery October 3rd through October 17th.

Next Gallery HERO Promo


Canvas Outdoor Museum Show Kick Off Party October 10th

I am also looking forward to the kick off party for Canvas, October 10 from 7:00 pm to 11 pm, for more details visit

For several summer months, I have been working on the film SUBMERGE which will be projected on a building for Canvas, Nov 8 thru the 22nd. There will be 22 world renowned artists coming from around the globe for Canvas. I am so happy to be part of this incredible show.

Canvas Submerge VII


Lazy Sunday Afternoon at our House with Bengi

                  Bengi in living room

Until next time!



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MAEDER in the Big Apple

September 9th, 2015 by


Ca’D’Oro Gallery, NYC, Breaking Surface Exhibition

In August, I happily flew to New York City for the group exhibition “Breaking Surface” at Ca’D’Oro Gallery NYC. It was so wonderful to be exhibit at this beautiful exhibition.


It was also fantastic that it was featured in WHATSUPMIAMI!


Frances Stern, Galleria Ca’D’Oro New York Manager and I


Jodi Weiss, Jane Dagmi, myself, and Angela Krass, Orange Alloy



Daniella Douglas and Emilio Rosas



I always love walking around New York City! One of my favorite things to do besides Paris, of course! Here are some photographs I captured in New York.




MoMA / Museum of Modern Art NYC

Stopped in at MoMA on my last day in New York before I headed back to West Palm Beach.




Was happy to find this painting by one of my heroes, Mark Rothko!

Mark Rothko

Then I came upon this famous painting! Guess who?

The Starry Night by, of course, Van Gogh.

Van Gogh Starry Night


Nicole Henry of Nicole Henry Fine Art Gallery, together with an incredible team, has created such an amazing venue here in West Palm Beach. Canvas Outdoor Museum Show will be the nation’s largest outdoor museum. There will be 21 artists from throughout the world coming to West Palm Beach for this exhibit November 8 through the 22nd. I am so excited to say that I am one of the artists in this exhibition. My film SUBMERGE will be projected on a building directly across from Nicole Henry’s beautiful gallery. Here is a short video on CANVAS.

Nicole Henry

Nicole Henry

Until next time!

Bengi and Cheryl

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It’s Summer! Hitting the Road with Cheryl and Gary!

August 5th, 2015 by

Art Southampton 2015

Last month, Gary and I took off for a week and headed to the beautiful Hamptons! I was exhibiting my photographs with Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris  along with Alexander Calder, René Magritte, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol! How incredible is that! I was in such great company! I was also excited that two of my photographs were selected by Art Miami/Art Southampton to represent Art Southampton 2015  in all their print and online media, throughout the world!


Dreamscapes, Hamptons Dunes at Art Southampton 2015


Submerge V, 1/10, at Art Southampton 2015 with Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris


Hamptons Dunes, 2/10, at Art Southampton 2015 with Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris


Mark Hachem and daughter, Lea, Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris


Jackson Pollock’s Studio, Springs, East Hampton where it all began


Jackson Pollock’s Studio Floor

Before the trip, I went on to airbnb  and booked a room in a charming house in East Hampton. Gary and I both love adventure, and part of that was not knowing exactly where in East Hampton the house was until we actually arrived there. We were so happy to find out that the house where we were staying was in the hamlet of Springs! It was just five minutes from the Jackson Pollock/Lee Krasner house! Whenever we are in the Hamptons, we always love going there as it is so inspiring. We had such an incredible trip exhibiting at Art Southampton, hanging out with Mark Hachem & his wonderful daughter, Lea, eating breakfast at Springs General Store and just wandering around the Hamptons! Oh and did I leave out eating the most delicious soft shell crab sandwich at a little outdoor café on the way to Montauk! Pure Heaven!

July, a Wonderful Month for Exhibitions!



My Dreamscapes Photographs were in a solo exhibition at the beautiful Pelican Grand Beach Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the month of July. A Special thanks to Robert Keesler, General Manager, and Carol Teti-Keesler of Decorative Crafts, supporter of the Arts!


Photo of Robert Keesler, Gary Antonio, and I


Pelican Grand Hotel

I went upstairs on the wonderful terrace of the Pelican Grand and took this photograph of the hotel’s shadow in the sand below.


My Dreamscapes Photographs are also being exhibited at the Stinson Beach Gallery, Stinson Beach, California in an exhibition entitled “Speaking in Dreams” curated by Georgia Gibbs. Love the title for the exhibition! So happy to be a part of it and in this charming gallery. Some years ago, Gary and I had our studios in San Francisco and, on weekends, we would take off for this wonderful beach town. I have great memories shooting on Stinson Beach. It is only about 23 miles from San Francisco!. If you are in or about San Francisco, please check out the gallery. The exhibition is there through August 29th.

Stinson Beach Gallery

Dreamscapes photograph Far & Away III, 1/10, 30 x 45 inches now being exhibited at Stinson Beach Gallery, Photo thanks to Georgia Gibbs.


Several weeks ago, Gary, Bengi the dog, and I took off for St. Petersburg. On the way, we drove through this little Americana town that felt like we were back in the 50s. For one block long, there were these wonderful murals painted on the store fronts, I took out my camera and photographed Gary walking along the storefronts. I put the image on facebook and was happy when a friend, Wendy Blazier , Independent Curator & Art Historian, commented. Wendy told me exactly what town we were in and the artist who designed and painted the murals. We were in the town of Okeechobee and the murals were designed and painted by Joseph Steiert in 2012.

Here is the photo of Gary. I end this blog with the wonderful twitter comment from Georgia Gibbs about the photo “Gary is the perfect compliment – the walking base note! He better be careful or they will keep him!”

Gary Okeechobie
Until next time!

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June 24th, 2015 by


On June 10th at Poltrona Frau Showroom, Miami, Gary and I had the wonderful privilege of meeting legendary Architect, Industrial Designer and Visionary Mario Bellini. Celebrating 50 years of collaboration with Cassini, Mario was on a US tour and stopped in Miami at Poltrona Frau for the private reception and lecture. As Mario Bellini was speaking and showing the presentation of his work, I was moved and inspired by not only the innovative architecture he had created over the years, also the amazing industrial designs that dated back to the late 60s to present. At Poltrona Frau, Gary and I went up to speak to Mario, and he was so very humble, genuine and gracious. Such a beautiful evening.

Gary, Mario Bellini and IArt Miami NY hamptondunes


Gary and Mario Bellini


From left Giampiero di Persia, Poltrona Frau, CEO, Phillip Sutphil, Michael and myself





Dreamscapes at Poltrona Frau/Miami


I love exhibiting my photographs at Poltrona Frau/Miami. The workmanship of the furnishings and showroom design are just exquisite. Art in design.

Dreamscapes, Les Copines, Mediation, 3/10, 30 x 45 inches, photograph on plexiglas



Dreamscapes, Far & Away VI 6/10, 30 x 60 inches, photograph on plexiglas



I am lucky to have dear friends who also happen to be fabulous foodies! Last Thursday night, Gary, Bengi and I had some friends over to celebrate. It happened also to be my birthday. It was so much fun and relaxing as everyone brought over a delicious dish. Aud, a close friend since my teenage years, brought the dream cake… Chocolate, what else! Delish.

Here are some photos from Jane Dagmi, Communications Manager at Parlore  & Stylewriter. I’ve written about Jane several times previously. We have taken several road trips together and there will be more to write about in future blogs – adventures from our trips. Thelma and Louise revisited, but we won’t drive off the cliff, I promise.


 Photo taken by Gary, starting from back row on right Karen Tierney, Jane Dagmi, Cheryl Maeder, front row right is Audrey Douglas and Julie Dungan-Holdefe



Backyard swimming pool with Bengi contemplating jumping in


Jane taking a selfie with Bengi



And to end today’s blog, here is a photo that my dear friend Les Bernstein sent as she was visiting New York. Love it. A good sign.


Until next time!

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May 27th, 2015 by

PLAY Wins Best of Show, Palm Beach Cultural Council Biennial 2015

When I was twelve, I won a pair of roller skates. I have no expectations when it comes to winning awards. Exhibiting my photographs at galleries and designing for Gardenhouse have been the most wonderful gifts all their own. On May 14th, my husband and I attended a reception for the Palm Beach Cultural Council Biennial 2015. My film PLAY was selected, as well as the work of 60 other artists, by Juror Elizabeth Sobieski, a Contributing Editor for The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Avenue Magazine, The New York Post and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

At the reception, when my name was called out to receive the award for Best of Show for my film PLAY,  I was stunned.

The concept for PLAY came about one day as I was shopping at the Wellington Mall. I was walking on the 2nd floor, and looked down below to see children laughing & playing amongst oversized plastic foods – buttered waffles, bowls of grapefruit, and kiwis. The children from my vantage point looked like tiny, happy fairies laughing and playing.

The idea for PLAY was born. Taking in everyday moments that one would normally pass by, and capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary is what I’m all about. Two of the photographs from PLAY were also selected for a curated exhibition Fotos for Foster Care Counts by Hamburg Kennedy Photographs alongside the works of Diane Arbus, Sally Mann and Elliott Erwitt.

I hope you enjoy the film!



Vintage Fashion & Karl Lagerfeld’s Twin

Gary and I attended the Modern Luxury Magazine party at the Armani Showroom in the Miami Design District. As we were walking along to the party, I photographed Gary. He is constantly told that he looks like Karl Lagerfeld or Karl looks like Gary.



Several weeks ago, Gary and I visited our friends, The Rovners’, in WaterSound Beach along 30A – a 28.5 mile coastal corridor that hugs the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida. The drive takes you along sugar white beaches and coastal sand dunes, reminiscent of the coastline along Carmel, California, however it is much calming. Our friends live along the beautiful WaterSound Preserve, with cascading sand dunes leading to the ocean.

Along 30 A is the town of Alys Beach, which I have photographed before for I am in love with the English Tudor, Greek and Moroccan influences in the architecture – as well as the fact that all the materials used are sustainable. Here are photographs taken on our trip.




















Until next time!

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The Beauty of Time

April 29th, 2015 by

GardenWalls, Italian Summer Featured in Palm Beach Illustrated


So happy to see our GardenWalls, Italian Summer Collection, Moonlight featured in May Issue of Palm Beach Illustrated. It is always such a great feeling to see the work published and out there in the world!


The Beauty of Simply Being

My niece, Kyle Kemp, was sixteen years old and a part of a soccer team in Albany, California. Often, I would go to watch Kyle and her team play. I loved the camaraderie of the team – their love of both the sport, as well as for each other. I wanted to capture that in a photograph. I scheduled a photo shoot with her team, and waited till the soccer game was over. I wanted the girls relaxed, with no make up, no primping; just being themselves.

Fifteen years later, I received an email from an editor at Elle Magazine. They wanted to use the photograph for a feature on soccer in their April Issue. Below is the photograph – forever timeless.

Cloud Nine I Sitting Pretty at Volani-Inza Casa Showroom


My Dreamscapes photograph, Cloud Nine 2/10 is now at Casa Veronica Vonlani-Inza, a beautiful showroom here in West Palm Beach.



Old World Among the Palms

Several weeks ago I happened to visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Coconut Grove, Miami. I felt transported back to another time. This does not happen to me often in the US like it does in Europe. However, at Vizcaya you sense the merging of the tropics with hints of Italy and France.

Owner James Deering, together with artist/interior designer Paul Chalfin, Architect F. Burrall Hoffman, and Landscape Architect Diego Suarez, created a beautiful paradise by the sea. I loved the fact that James Deering, a patron of the arts, collaborated with contemporary artists of that time to create the beautiful, dreamy Vizcaya.










Until next time!

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An Artist at Work: Submerge by Cheryl Maeder

April 1st, 2015 by

A dear friend, renowned Artist & Art Critic, Bruce Helander, walked up to me several months ago and repeated in my ear “Underwater”. The effect of his words touched me like that movie Field of Dreams, where the voice said “if you build it, they will come. “ It struck a cord. I started considering a new direction in my art.

Submerge I

Dreamscapes, Submerge I


Then several weeks ago, at my friend Karen’s birthday party, it became clear. Demi, my friend Judith’s wonderful daughter, was swimming in the pool. She began to float on the rippling waters, and then slowly submerged to the bottom. Judith called me over to witness Demi, and the painterly effects of her body across the water immediately inspired me.


Submerge II
Dreamscapes, Submerge II


That was it. Several weeks later, I photographed Demi in the waters for my new series, Submerge.


Submerge III
Dreamscapes, Submerge III


Submerge  IV
Dreamscapes, Submerge IV


Submerge seeks to explore the relationship we as human beings have with water, both in the physical and metaphysical sense.


Submerge V
Dreamscapes, Submerge V


The act of submerging beneath the water’s edge embodies the courage and willingness necessary to take the leap into the depths of the waters of the Soul; to emerge with a stronger sense of self.


Submerge VI
Dreamscapes, Submerge VI


Submerge VII
Dreamscapes, Submerge VII


The waters represent her explorations as a human being seeking her own identity on the Earth.

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One King’s Lane, and a Life of Art and Design

March 4th, 2015 by

One King’s Lane

Looking forward to Monday! “Dreamscapes” Photographs will be featured on One Kings Lane!

Cheryl and Taylor

Taylor and I preparing prints for purchase on One Kings Lane, which starts on Monday, March 9th, at 8:00 am PT, 11:00 am ET!


Whirling with Art and Interesting People at Art Wynwood 2015


I had the extreme pleasure of exhibiting at Art Wynwood 2015, with Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris from February 11th through the 15th. I felt immersed in another world at Art Wynwood. For five days I met such interesting people. Whether they were collectors or other galleries, a love of Art tied everyone together. It is so very inspirational and creative to be part of it.


Red Cross Designer Show House, The Birthday Cake Castle

My friend and fabulous creative interior designer, Veronica Volani-Inza, is designing the entrance foyer for the Red Cross Designer Show House in Lake Worth, Fl. It is called the Birthday Cake Castle and is absolutely beautiful. She came to the studio to pick up my photograph “Hampton Dunes” for the Show House Exhibition.


As she walked in the front door there, sitting by my photograph, was my Angel sculpture, entitled “Listen to Me” by artist & poet Les Bernstein. Veronica fell in love with the sculpture as I did. So, now exhibiting at the entryway foyer of the Show house, are both the photograph and the Angel Sculpture happily placed together!




Magical night at the Design District Miami

Last Thursday night, Gary and I went to an absolutely beautiful party by Modern Luxury Magazine in Palm Court, Design District in Miami.


We sat there on the outdoor sofa, while the band was playing beautiful Brazilian music. Soon, crowds of fabulous people started pouring in, including our friends Carol Teti-Keesler and Bob Keesler. It was wonderful meeting new people, and seeing all the exciting new shops and buildings going up in the District.



Until next time!

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