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I just reread my last blog post at Gardenhouse and realized it has been little over a month since my last blog post. Life has been full speed recently and I have not stopped still until this past weekend. I finally had time to chill and smell the roses or a least a facsimile in my backyard. There have been several shifts in my world, and I am looking at the world with a new set of eyes.


There are certain truths, and when experienced, change us for the best. One of the truths: It is not what we do in life that really matters, but who we are when we are doing it. Life is not about what we achieve. It is simply about loving and being loved. Some years back, a dear friend of mine Gordon, a writer, became ill with AIDS. For years, Gordon wanted his work published and for years that was Gordon’s quest. Until one day, I was on the phone with Gordan, and I asked how he was doing. He told me he was doing wonderful. He was happy. He told me that he did not care if he was published or not, that was not so important. What was important to Gordon was to love and be loved. It stopped me in my tracks and went straight to my heart. These last couple of weeks, I experienced this truth for myself. It hit home.


In life there are various events that take place and at the time seem so seamless. However, behind the scenes, the real work occurs! It transforms boys into men, and girls into women. It took me into its grip and I stayed with it until it all surfaced and produced the miracles! The premise behind my film Submerge!


Canvas Outdoor Museum, Submerge Film Exhibition Became a Reality


After so many months preparing Canvas Outdoor Museum became a reality in West Palm Beach, Florida. Artists came from all over the world to paint their beautiful art on buildings throughout the downtown West Palm Beach District. I was the artist selected locally and also the only artist creating a public art installation outdoors. Submerge, the film, was projected under the Royal Park Bridge Walkway. Also under the bridge walkway is the wonderful art mural of Artist Sean Yoro, a.k.a Hula , who was painting his mural as I was projecting Submerge.


Here is the public art video installation and the viewers who came by to see it!



Submerge, film installation could not have happened without the help of

The Guys Helping

The A Team! From left to right: Raphael Clemente, Director of West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, with his trusty generator and bicycle, Gary Antonio, my partner in crime, Jose Bedia Jr. and Robert Fehre

Mayor Jeri Muoio with Gary and I under the Royal Park Bridge Walkway during the Installation of Submerge

Mayor Jeri, Gary & Cheryl


Scope Art Fair 2015, Miami Beach, Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris


Went straight into exhibiting at Scope Art Fair 2015 with Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris just a few days after Canvas Outdoor Museum. The art fair was located right on the beach at South Beach. A beautiful location for art. Met some very wonderful people during the exhibition. Sometimes it feels like such a small world after all, and we are only six degrees of separation from each other. Is it a matter of luck, chance, or is it the magic of synchronicity!

During Scope Art Fair, exhibiting with Galerie Mark Hachem, The Center, Santa Fe, an amazing national photographic organization, brought a wonderful art tour to the booth to meet with me. Loved every minute of their visit!


Center, Santa Fe and I at Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris booth, Scope Art Fair

Cheryl Center Scope

Kelly Luchini, Art Consultant & Appraiser looking towards the Beach at Scope Art Fair


Cornell Museum of Art, Art Talks: A Conversation with Women in the Arts


On December 7th I was so happy to be part of the panel for Cornell Museum of Art. Artist Talk: A Conversation with Women in the Arts. The panel consisted of Diane Arrieta (Mixed Media Artist), Francie Bishop Good (Artist and Founder of The Girls Club Collection), Marisa Pascucci, (Curator of Collections at Boca Raton Museum of Art), Jannett Roberts, (Publisher of Professional Artist Magazine), Jane Manus, (Sculptor), Brenda Zappitell, (Painter) and myself. This was an incredible experience. Love sharing my experiences and exchanges with the panel and the audience.

Wonderful photo of the event by Agata Ren

Agata Ren


Another great photo by Jane Dagmi where I am talking with my hands again

Jane Dagmi Cornell


As this year comes to an end, I wish everyone the most wonderful holiday time and a Great New Year!!!!!!







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