Giving Birth to an Art Installation!

November 11th, 2015 by

Canvas Outdoor Museum Comes to Life in West Palm Beach


Sitting here at my computer, waiting to go out to the location to set up for my film installation SUBMERGE . Waiting not so patiently, hoping there is no rain so that we can finally test the film projection at the location. The film installation is under the Royal Park Bridge Walkway, West Palm Beach (the middle bridge to Palm Beach). Finally after so many months of anticipation and planning, Friday, November 13th from 6:00 to 10:00 pm , I will be projecting the film every night through November 22nd. Canvas Outdoor Museum is finally here. Twenty world renowned artists flying in for the nations’ largest outdoor museum show. I am the local artist that was selected from West Palm Beach for the exhibition. It has been a long time coming and finally here! Please give good thoughts for sunshine tonight while I prepare to SUBMERGE!

Here is the link to the film for all those that can’t be in West Palm Beach.

Panoramic with Submerge Cropped


Defying Expectations! Cornell Museum, Group Exhibition Exxpectations


It has been such an incredible experience exhibiting at Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, in the group exhibition Exxpectations. The Curators Brenda Zappitell and Melanie Johanson have been so wonderful to work with. The exhibition features female artists from across the US and Canda tht defy conventions.

The exhibition will be up through January 3rd.

The reception was on October 29th and here are some photographs from the reception.

Cornell Museum3

Cornell Museum Cornell Museum Brenda



A Night with Friends at Villa Antonio

My most wonderful Les Copines friends Jane Dagmi, Judith Knopf and Karen Tierney came over to dinner at our house some weeks ago. We were celebrating Jane’s birthday and she brought the cake! An absolutely incredible strawberry cake that I almost ate it all up myself.


Janes strawberry cake


Till next time!

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