The Beauty of Time

April 29th, 2015 by

GardenWalls, Italian Summer Featured in Palm Beach Illustrated


So happy to see our GardenWalls, Italian Summer Collection, Moonlight featured in May Issue of Palm Beach Illustrated. It is always such a great feeling to see the work published and out there in the world!


The Beauty of Simply Being

My niece, Kyle Kemp, was sixteen years old and a part of a soccer team in Albany, California. Often, I would go to watch Kyle and her team play. I loved the camaraderie of the team – their love of both the sport, as well as for each other. I wanted to capture that in a photograph. I scheduled a photo shoot with her team, and waited till the soccer game was over. I wanted the girls relaxed, with no make up, no primping; just being themselves.

Fifteen years later, I received an email from an editor at Elle Magazine. They wanted to use the photograph for a feature on soccer in their April Issue. Below is the photograph – forever timeless.

Cloud Nine I Sitting Pretty at Volani-Inza Casa Showroom


My Dreamscapes photograph, Cloud Nine 2/10 is now at Casa Veronica Vonlani-Inza, a beautiful showroom here in West Palm Beach.



Old World Among the Palms

Several weeks ago I happened to visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Coconut Grove, Miami. I felt transported back to another time. This does not happen to me often in the US like it does in Europe. However, at Vizcaya you sense the merging of the tropics with hints of Italy and France.

Owner James Deering, together with artist/interior designer Paul Chalfin, Architect F. Burrall Hoffman, and Landscape Architect Diego Suarez, created a beautiful paradise by the sea. I loved the fact that James Deering, a patron of the arts, collaborated with contemporary artists of that time to create the beautiful, dreamy Vizcaya.










Until next time!

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An Artist at Work: Submerge by Cheryl Maeder

April 1st, 2015 by

A dear friend, renowned Artist & Art Critic, Bruce Helander, walked up to me several months ago and repeated in my ear “Underwater”. The effect of his words touched me like that movie Field of Dreams, where the voice said “if you build it, they will come. “ It struck a cord. I started considering a new direction in my art.

Submerge I

Dreamscapes, Submerge I


Then several weeks ago, at my friend Karen’s birthday party, it became clear. Demi, my friend Judith’s wonderful daughter, was swimming in the pool. She began to float on the rippling waters, and then slowly submerged to the bottom. Judith called me over to witness Demi, and the painterly effects of her body across the water immediately inspired me.


Submerge II
Dreamscapes, Submerge II


That was it. Several weeks later, I photographed Demi in the waters for my new series, Submerge.


Submerge III
Dreamscapes, Submerge III


Submerge  IV
Dreamscapes, Submerge IV


Submerge seeks to explore the relationship we as human beings have with water, both in the physical and metaphysical sense.


Submerge V
Dreamscapes, Submerge V


The act of submerging beneath the water’s edge embodies the courage and willingness necessary to take the leap into the depths of the waters of the Soul; to emerge with a stronger sense of self.


Submerge VI
Dreamscapes, Submerge VI


Submerge VII
Dreamscapes, Submerge VII


The waters represent her explorations as a human being seeking her own identity on the Earth.

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One King’s Lane, and a Life of Art and Design

March 4th, 2015 by

One King’s Lane

Looking forward to Monday! “Dreamscapes” Photographs will be featured on One Kings Lane!

Cheryl and Taylor

Taylor and I preparing prints for purchase on One Kings Lane, which starts on Monday, March 9th, at 8:00 am PT, 11:00 am ET!


Whirling with Art and Interesting People at Art Wynwood 2015


I had the extreme pleasure of exhibiting at Art Wynwood 2015, with Galerie Mark Hachem/Paris from February 11th through the 15th. I felt immersed in another world at Art Wynwood. For five days I met such interesting people. Whether they were collectors or other galleries, a love of Art tied everyone together. It is so very inspirational and creative to be part of it.


Red Cross Designer Show House, The Birthday Cake Castle

My friend and fabulous creative interior designer, Veronica Volani-Inza, is designing the entrance foyer for the Red Cross Designer Show House in Lake Worth, Fl. It is called the Birthday Cake Castle and is absolutely beautiful. She came to the studio to pick up my photograph “Hampton Dunes” for the Show House Exhibition.


As she walked in the front door there, sitting by my photograph, was my Angel sculpture, entitled “Listen to Me” by artist & poet Les Bernstein. Veronica fell in love with the sculpture as I did. So, now exhibiting at the entryway foyer of the Show house, are both the photograph and the Angel Sculpture happily placed together!




Magical night at the Design District Miami

Last Thursday night, Gary and I went to an absolutely beautiful party by Modern Luxury Magazine in Palm Court, Design District in Miami.


We sat there on the outdoor sofa, while the band was playing beautiful Brazilian music. Soon, crowds of fabulous people started pouring in, including our friends Carol Teti-Keesler and Bob Keesler. It was wonderful meeting new people, and seeing all the exciting new shops and buildings going up in the District.



Until next time!

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Celebrating All Four Seasons at Gardenhouse

February 6th, 2015 by


New At Gardenhouse! Our GardenWalls, Italian Summer Collection!

So excited to announce our newest GardenWalls collection, Italian Summer. The inspiration for this Collection is the Italian Ficus plant that grows beautifully on the gardenwalls here in Florida.

We have added five colors to the collection: Chocolate, Moonlight, Magenta, Bronze and Plum.

Italian Summer, Chocolate

Italian Summer, Chocolate


Italian Summer, Moonlight

Italian Summer, Moonlight


Italian Summer, Magenta

Italian Summer, Magenta


Italian Summer, Bronze

Italian Summer, Bronze


Italian Summer, Plum

Italian Summer, Plum



What can be sweeter than starting the new year off having an art reception for my work at the Four Seasons with friends & collectors as the guests sip prosecco, my favorite wine? It was such a great evening. Special thanks to the Four Seasons and the Paul Fisher Gallery for making it happen.



Jayme Smollar & Brenda Cuevas, Four Seasons, myself, and Nidia Helena, Paul Fisher Gallery



Julie Dungan Holdefehr, Dana Donaty, Judith Knoop, me, Mayor Jeri Muoio, and Karen Tierney



Paul & Irina Fisher



Irina Fisher and Gary Antoniio, my husband


Road Trip to Naples

I love taking road trips! I am always ready for adventure. This past Monday, Gary and I took a road trip to Naples to deliver my photographs to Aldo Castillo Gallery at the Design Center. Florida winters have a beauty worth celebrating. I couldn’t help myself but take photographs on the way, as we were going through “Alligator Alley” in the Everglades. I kept looking for the alligators, but all I saw were beautiful, wide open spaces of green and yellow. That was enough for me.







Until next time!

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La Dolce Vita! Loving Italy and Italian Design

January 7th, 2015 by


Dreamscapes Exhibiting at Poltrona Frau, Miami


So very happy to have my fine art photographs exhibiting at Poltrona Frau Designer Showroom in Miami. I am in love with Poltrona Frau. Their passion for beautiful design and their long history of collaborating with artists, designers and architects. Here below are room views of the photographs at Poltrona Frau.





Annual Les Copines Potluck at Chez Maeder


Every year at holiday time, my friends Judith, Karen and Jane, who I photographed for the Les Copines series, come over for dinner and celebration. We include Gary, my husband, and Bengi in on the festivities. We eat fabulous food that we all create and open our presents afterwards. This year Jane Dagmi had this creative idea. Inspired by the Les Copines photographs, Jane painted her beautiful paintings as gifts for all of us. Loved it, so original. I placed two of them in my home.


New at Gardenhouse, Charming Vintage Gone Modern Settee


Love our new settee, which was created in collaboration with Designer Custom Source. I designed the entire settee and the pillows, and cushions were manufactured at Designer Custom Source.
Check it out at Gardenhouse when you have the time.

Italian Designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli


I saw this wonderful documentary on Massimo and Lella Vignelli of Vignelli Associates about a month ago. Massimo and Lella have worked in so many major areas of design ranging from package design, houseware design, and furniture design to public signage and showroom. In the documentary, Massimo mentioned that he was never going to retire, only to create! Several weeks ago I received the New York Times Magazine to find his quote on the cover. He had passed away this year, and had lived so very, very fully. He and Lella are such an inspiration to me.



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Friends at DCS & Maeder Does Miami

December 10th, 2014 by

Gardenhouse & Designer Custom Source Collaborate: A new Gardenhouse Settee is Born!


The best works of art and design spring out of the passion to create where everyone wins. This is the wonderful experience I had working with Designer Custom Source. DCS is a centralized online resource that demystifies the production process for designers, providing the workroom resources necessary for custom product design.
Designer Custom Source (DCS)  is a resource that we created as a result of observing a need in the design community. We discovered there was an absence of workrooms that provided quality, custom soft-goods coupled with the support of online technology.” – Melinda Merijanian, Product Development Director of DCS

I had the sincere pleasure of working with Anita Winter, Art & Media Director, and Melinda Merijanian, Product Development Director of DCS.

Anita and Melinda

Pictured: Anita Winter (L) and Melinda Merijanian (R)

I’ve worked with Anita before, and was excited when DCS approached me with this new opportunity. I was to design a Gardenhouse inspired settee with their resources, which DSC would produce and feature alongside my nature inspired wallcoverings, GardenWalls, on their site. Loved working with Anita and Melinda – they were so accommodating and helpful. It became a fun treasure hunt going through the outdoor fabrics on the DCS site. I sifted through the fabrics, searching for which materials would lend itself to create the outdoor settee. I happened to choose all Sunbrella fabrics, and was happily surprised when I received the cushions and pillows. I was so impressed by the wonderful workmanship and quality, I photographed our new settee with our GardenWalls, Japanese Spring the same day it arrived. The turquoise accents on the settee and the wallcovering blended so well together, it became a match made in heaven. You can read the excellent piece they wrote on GardenWalls and Gardenhouse on their blog here.


Gardenhouse Settee with GardenWalls, Japanese Spring Turquoise, also featured on Designer Custom Source


Back in our Studio from Miami Art Week and Exhibiting at Scope Art Fair

Spent all of last week at Scope Art Fair, Miami. I had the honor of exhibiting my work with Gallerie Mark Hachem/Paris.


Dreamscapes images at Scope: Les Copines, Meditation & Hampton Dunes

I met with so many great people that came to the booth, as well as various galleries which were exhibiting at the fair. It was very exciting to meet so many people from so many walks of life and so many countries. Art had brought all this people together from around the world.  The Scope pavilion was right on the beach this year in South Beach. It was awesome to have the view of the ocean right there in front of you as you walk along viewing all the art. I would take breaks and just sit outside with the ocean in front of me. What a great combination having the art inside and also outside in front of nature’s art.


Gary at Untitled Art Fair


The Scope pavilion was right on the beach this year in South Beach. It was awesome to have the view of the ocean right there in front of you as you walk along viewing all the art. I would take breaks and just sit outside with the ocean in front of me. What a great combination – the art of man inside, the art of nature outside.

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Winter is Warming Up at Gardenhouse

November 19th, 2014 by


So excited that I finally get to wear my fake fur jacket at the studio today here in Palm Beach! The air cooling down, but we’re moving forward at full speed!

Cheryl Maeder’s Fine Art Photographs at Scope Art Fair/Art Basel Miami

It’s that time of year again when Art takes over Miami! Galleries from all over the world are exhibiting at various fairs throughout the city.

My fine art photographs will be on exhibit at Galerie Mark Hachem, Booth G08, at Scope Art Fair. Come visit!

Hamptons Dunes

Hampton Dunes, 2/10, 45 x 30 inches, photograph on plexiglas

At Gardenhouse, Burnt Orange is the New Black!

Here is our Houndstooth Louis XIV chair, the perfect companion for a room with casual elegance. Love it!

orange louie chair-W


For regular updates on Gardenhouse decor and styles, be sure to like our Facebook page here!

The Industrial Elegance of Vincenzo de Cotiis, Interior Architect, as Featured in New York Times Style Magazine


Every Sunday I look forward to getting my New York Times, and this week I was so happy to get T Magazine and find this beautiful feature on Vicenzo de Cotiis.


photo credit: of New York Times Style Magazine


Having lived in Europe for nine years, I have developed a strong passion for style that embraces the natural aging of buildings. That, to me, is Art. Vincenzo’s minimalist style, described as “monastery meets laboratory,” successfully explores the beauty and simplicity of less means more!



photo credit: New York Times Style Magazine


Sneak Peak to a future feature!

Now that we are all rested from PLAY, we have already begun our next cinematic adventure. As per tradtion, here are Danilda and Taylor after our brainstorm session included in with my Fake Ancestors! Stay tuned for more great news on the way.


Until next time!

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Happy Trails and Adventures at Gardenhouse

November 5th, 2014 by


Modern Luxury Interiors: South Florida

Last Wednesday, Gary and I headed over to the Flor Showroom in Miami. Modern Luxury Interiors, South Florida was having their opening party for the new issue. I was psyched to be a part of it, having a double-page spread in this issue. It was great to be published for the creative work that I do in fine art, Gardenhouse furnishings, and GardenWalls wallcoverings all in the same feature. I felt like a proud mama reading it. Is that so wrong?

It was a pleasure to meet Drew Limsky, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine.

Drew Limsky & me


Maeder Presents Gardenhouse to Gil Walsh Interiors

My lack of shyness presents itself in many ways! I love giving presentations of my work and meeting new people. Last week, I gave a presentation to the wonderful team at Gil Walsh. It was great to see her showroom and sit down with her great team. Loved it.


gil walsh2


Gil Walsh


Gil Walsh3


Houndstooth Wing Chairs at Gardenhouse

Just thought I would show the before and after photos of our hounds-tooth wing chairs. I really enjoy taking a vintage piece and creating it with modern touches.


2a-before-houndstooth chairs


….and after!

lav&green houndstoot chair-W


Until next time!

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Vintage Gone Modern! Barbies & a Gardenhouse Settee

October 15th, 2014 by


Barbies in Living Color

Some years ago, when my studio was located in San Francisco, I would weekend at my brother’s home in Los Gatos. My niece, Rory, would hold me hostage in her room playing with her Barbie & Ken dolls. Just recently, my friend Julie Dungan Holdefehr took me to Jeff Todd’s house. Jeff, a former stylist for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, is a restorer of antiques and fine art. At Jeff’s house there were several variety of cats roaming the corridors, and, best of all, Jeff brought out his collection of Barbies. With camera in hand, I photographed his collection of 60’s retro Barbies. Here they are in living color.

Barbies Series II

Barbie Series I


A Gardenhouse Settee finds a home in a Cottage in the Woods

One of my favorite creations, a Gardenhouse aluminum settee, has found the perfect home. It now resides in the garden of Didi and Chip Hoffman’s beautiful cottage in the woods of Georgia. Didi has been in the furniture and design trade for over 20 years and is a wonderful writer. She is presently working on a biography of one of the great female American Sculptors of the 20th Century. Can’t wait to read her finished novel.

Gardenhouse Settee Didi Hoffman


Moonlight and Palm Beach

Under the moon light, I took my camera to the ocean. I was mesmerized by the mysterious beauty of the illuminated moon on the water. In my imagination, I felt transported to the actual surface of the moon. A huge wave came up and completely soaked me from head to toe. Sand and water were all over my soggy jeans, but I didn’t care – it was all part of the moment.



Until next time!


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New Beginnings and Celebrations

October 1st, 2014 by

Photographer Photographs Photographer for Modern Luxury Magazine

Several weeks ago, on the hottest day of the year here in southeast Florida, I was photographed by Brett Hufziger, for a feature in Modern Luxury Design Magazine for the October 2014 issue. I found it very humorous for a photographer photographing another photographer. I knew Brett would be contemplating this situation on his way here,  as he has not met me before. I tried very hard to go easy on him –  to show him Maeder is definitely a team player, no diva here!  We greeted each other on my patio area, while he contemplated the outfit I was wearing.  He pleasantly asked me if I had another ensemble. Rejected, I went into the house and put on a black tank dress. I walked out hoping I would get Brett’s approval and it worked!

On the hottest day of the year, Brett photographed me, photographing my garden.  wearing a long, black tank dress in the heat. I now know how it feels to be a model! For all the models I photographed in San Francisco shooting all those Fashion Catalogs, this one is for you!  Especially on those cold, freezing foggy days when we  were shooting summer fashion catalogues. I now know how you felt when you were wearing those bikinis or lingerie in the freezing cold pretending not to have frost bite. I finally have compassion for you! I loved working with Brett and had a fabulous shoot.

Here’s a video of Brett, Bengi, and I.

New Beginnings 

I am very happy to announce my new partnership with Orange Alloy Creative Management. I will be working with Angela and Hannes on exciting artist collaborations! Onward hoooooo!

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.01.26 PM

Here at Gardenhouse

At Gardenhouse, check out our black, high gloss, teak bench. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor living spaces.


black teak settee


Celebrating our 20th

Several days ago, Gary and I celebrated our 20th anniversary! We had dinner on a two hour, twilight cruise along Palm Beach. It was romantic and fantastic, and the dinner was absolutely divine.

Gary and Cheryl 20th


Bon voyage!

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