Maeder’s Slightly Tilted World

September 9th, 2014 by


Last week Jane Dagmi – friend & road trip companion- came for a quick visit to the studio. Jane, never without her trusty camera, was poking around the studio, smirking while capturing vignettes that caught her eye. In her photos, I noticed that both lampshades are tilted – now how symbolic is that?

Cheryl Maeder's studio by Jane Dagmi

Courtesy of Jane Dagmi

A Luxury Travel Blog: Photograph of the week. A Moonlit Palm Beach

Very happy for the news that A Luxury Travel Blog featured my photograph “Blue” as Photograph of the Week!



Dreamscapes, Blue

One night at full moon, I took my camera over to the ocean on Palm Beach. The light, glimmering across the navy blue waves, was so heavenly that I had to capture the scene for myself.

My Fake Ancestors

This week, I would like to also write about my collection of “Fake Ancestors,” which grace my living room wall. The collection began some years ago, at my studio in San Francisco. I was rummaging through a box of vintage paraphernalia at an estate sale, and there they were the pile -two vintage portraits, circa 1950’s. I named them George and Doris – my long lost relatives from somewhere in Connecticut. I hung George and Doris up on my studio wall and as time went by, I added others to the collection. When friends and colleagues came over to my San Francisco studio for a photo shoot, we would sit at the lunch table. Looking up at the ancestors hanging on the wall, I would happily fabricate stories about them. Traveling across country on our move to the east coast, Gary and I would stop on the way and pick up another “Fake Ancestor.” Now I am proud to say that the portraits found a home on our living room wall. They are becoming quite famous, Jane Dagmi wrote a feature on them for . Here is a photo of my relatives with Jane fixing my hair, as I pose along side them in the photo. I am in one of the two alcoves in the wall.Can you find me?

Jane and Cheryl

A new ritual in our household, whenever someone new comes to our house, I take a photo of them with the ancestors.

Carol Teti Fake Ancestors

Carol Teti-Keesler and Bob Keesler




Karen&Judith Fake Ancestors

Judith Knoop & Karen Tierney


Jeri&Bengi Fake Ancestors

Jeri Muoio & Bengi


Taylor Fake Ancestors

Taylor Deveraux


Until next time!


A Few of My Fabulous, Creative Friends

August 21st, 2014 by


On my last blog post, I introduced my Familia, but my family most definitely includes my friends as well. I would like to start out with personally thanking the wonderful & talented interior designer and friend, Veronica Volani-Inza, for featuring my photographs in the Palm Beach Bungalow that she designed. The great news was that the beautiful beach home was published in Coastal Living Magazine. So great that now Veronica has a new showroom on Antique Row at 3631 South Dixie Hwy. West Palm Beach, Fl. Coastal Living Designer Veronica Volani-Inza

Then there is another dear friend, Kelly Luchini, an Art Appraisor/Art Advisor, whose work is very well respected here in Florida. I met Kelly about five years ago, while she was a director of a gallery where my work was exhibited. We became instant friends. Last weekend, I photographed Kelly, Rich, her husband, and their adorable son, Luca. Kelly, Rich and Luca moved into this beautiful Condo in Palm Beach Gardens, which I also photographed. Kelly and Rich own one of my photographs, Far & Away IX, in their beautiful new home. It makes me happy to see my photographs in the homes of collectors. When I walked into Kelly and Rich’s home and saw the photograph hanging, it was like looking at a member of my family – the same feeling I get when I look at the Luchini’s!

The beautiful Luchini Family!


My photograph, Dreamscapes, Far & Away IX, in the Luchini Home


Photographs of their new home…

Luchinihome4 Lucchinihome4 Luchinihome3 Several weeks ago, my friends, Rhoni Epstein and Cris Pestana, came to West Palm Beach to visit on their way to Brazil. Rhoni and Cris own the heavenly Sagewater Spa, in Desert Hot Springs, CA., of which I wrote about a week ago. Rhoni was my photography rep for nine years, while my studio was located in San Francisco. Rhoni and I worked on major campaigns together, and we’ve been best friends ever since. Rhoni is now an amazing Creative Coach. While here in West Palm Beach, Rhoni and Cris met another fabulous friend, Jeri Muoio. Jeri is the Mayor of West Palm Beach.  I met Jeri on a rough day, but her warmth and kindness completely transformed it, and has led to a wonderful friendship. Both Rhoni and Cris fell in love with Jeri. Rhoni mentioned she wanted to relocate to West Palm Beach just to support Jeri’s campaign. Love it when all my friends get together!

Cris Rhoni and Joni

I am so grateful to have such a big family of friends and I will be introducing more as the blog unfolds. …

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Dreamscapes in Chicago and What Rocks My World

August 13th, 2014 by

Hi all, celebrating another great day here in the studio! My assistant, Taylor, and Bengi, the dog are working on editing the short film “Play” as I write this.



Recently, I had the honor of my work being exhibited at Anne Loucks Gallery, The exhibition through August 31st. Be sure to drop by if you are in the area, it is a beautiful show.




For my third post, I would like to introduce you to my family, A major influence in all I do in art & design. There is my husband, Gary Antonio, an amazing Artist, an Abstract Painter. Yes, there are two artists in this family!



It is a really wonderful thing, as we inspire each other in our work. I feel very blessed. One of my most favorites of his paintings, Zen, hangs in our living room. The painting is a constant inspiration, and invigorates my creativity throughout the day.


living room

Next, we have Bengi, our dog. We found each other at the West Palm Beach Antique and Collectible Show. He was standing outside the show with the Animal Rescue Force of South Florida. We fell in love with each other immediately. He has been with us for four wonderful years now. He loves swimming in our pool and the ocean, and is an avid surfer dude.



Then there is Sid the Cat. Years ago, Gary and I went to the Cat Show in Orlando to do a photo shoot. I wanted to photograph people and their cats for my Suburbia series. There was Sid, the most beautiful blue-eyed cat, sitting in a cage looking at me. Again, I fell in love. I knew he was meant to go home with us. I went to the event with Gary and my camera and came home with Sid.

Sid by Jane Dagmi


We were told he is an indoor cat and not to let him outside. Well, they forgot to tell Sid. All he wanted to do was run out of the house whenever a door or window was open. At first I kept holding him back, but it was inevitable!  One day I opened the French doors to our backyard, and sang the song “Born Free” as Sid ran out. I discovered he is part lion, and needs the somewhat tropical jungle of our historic neighborhood. He is also part indoor cat, but on his own terms. That is the point-everything is done on Sid the Cat’s terms.


When I first brought Bengi home, Sid the Cat was in shock. He perched up high on the top of our refrigerator in the kitchen for days. Slowly, but surely, they got use to each other. Now they have a mutual respect, and at times pretend that they don’t care about each other. But I know the truth. They cuddle near each other and eat their food in bowls side by side.   I can tell they really love each other but pretend they don’t.

And there you have it, the whole crazy, wonderful family that I love.

Till next time, we’re out of here! (But it seems Bengi isn’t done just yet…)



East Coast/West Coast State of Mind

August 5th, 2014 by

Desert Bliss Collection, Our newest GardenWalls Wall Coverings

Happy to announce to the world our GardenWalls, Desert Bliss Collection at Gardenhouse. The inspiration for this collection is the Joshua Tree, which I fell in love with on a trip to Joshua Tree State Park in the California Desert, near Palm Springs. My husband Gary and I stayed at the heavenly Sagewater Spa in Desert Hot Springs. The play of color and light on the beautiful surrounding landscape as I was floating in the mineral pool were just enough to get me to grab my camera and capture a bit of the desert for this collection.

Please click here to see all our collections at Gardenhouse.

Desert Bliss, Blue

Exhibition at Art Southampton, Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris/NY featured in WhatsUpMiami

I was really delighted that my exhibition with Galerie Mark Hachem at Art Southampton was featured in the wonderful WhatsUpMiami. I want to thank Jesus Rojas Torres so much. Such a great journalist & writer!



It’s Official! The Gardenhouse blog is up and running!

July 30th, 2014 by


I am very excited to begin this blog. So many wonderful things have happened, but where do I begin?

GardenWalls Installed at Hilton Garden Inn, New York

I know! I’ll start with the Hilton Garden Inn project. A few months ago, our nature-inspired wall art GardenWalls, Japanese Spring Collection, Yellow were installed in the 40ft. wall of the lobby lounge in the Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island, New York. I worked closely with interior designer Susan Huckvale Arann of American and International Design, to make it all happen. The finished installation looks spectacular, and I was so happy that both Susan and the client were pleased as well. I love it when a great concept and vision are brought to reality. Thank you, Susan, and Hilton Garden Inn for the opportunity.

Hilton Garden Inn Corner View

Hilton Garden Inn Full View

Hilton Garden Inn Susan Arann2

Photograph courtesy of Susan Huckvale Arann.

Hamburg Kennedy Photographs Curated Exhibition for Foster Care

I was very honored that prestigious Hamburg Kennedy Photographs, New York, selected my photographs to be exhibited in Fotos for Foster Care. This specially curated collection donates all profits on sales to Foster Care Counts, an important organization that provides numerous services and funding to foster care throughout the US. I was thrilled to find that my work was featured along side my hero, Diane Arbus, as well as, Sally Mann, and Elliott Erwitt. To be a part of such a wonderful and essential project is a wonderful experience, and to be featured with my heroes another!

HKP Foster Care Page 2 Hi-Res

Gardenhouse Loveseat Feature by Jane Dagmi on

Thanks to the always wonderful stylewriter Jane Dagmi, our Gardenhouse silver aluminum loveseat was featured in in Sitting Pretty: 11 Amazing Chair Makeovers.

alum loveseat with turq-metallic

There is so much more that I want to share but you will just have to stay tuned until next time!