In Celebration of Swimming Babies & The Art of Creating!

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Celestial Babies, New Photographic Series: Maeder collaborating with Krista Simpson, Aqua Guppies, ISR Infant Swim Instructor

In late December, my dear friend and Artist, Marilyn Walter, called me very excited!  She met with her friend, Krista Simpson, an ISR Infant Swim Instructor, and mentioned my photographic work to her! When Marilyn told me about possibly working with Krista, I jumped on it! I wanted to expand my creative work photographing humans and our relationship with Water. Krista and I met and the meeting was a mutual admiration. She is an amazing and accomplished woman, who lives her life to the fullest.

What I love about working with Krista is her passion, caring and wisdom when it comes to teaching the babies and children to swim. I began the Celestial Babies Series photographing Natasha. Natasha is an extremely happy baby and with Krista’s caring guidance, loves to swim. Natasha is a little “Esther Williams”. She becomes magical in the water. I am photographing the babies swimming in the pool, however, the work takes on a much deeper meaning. In the Celestial Babies photographs, the babies appear not only to be swimming in the water, but to be floating in the clouds and in space. I want to convey that human beings come into the world as energy, pure light, which is who we really are!

This past week I began to symbolically and physically Submerge into the waters and began shooting from the bottom of the pool. I love the perspective from this vantage point! Onward ho!

Here I am photographing Natasha underwater as she so happily jumps in!

Here I am underwater photographing! This image looks like my Dreamscapes Series.

Cheryl Underwater
Celestial Babies, Submerge I

Celestial Babies Submerge I

Chuck Close exhibiting at NSU Fort Lauderdale Museum

I also had the extreme privilege of meeting the incredible Artist, Chuck Close at NSU Fort Lauderdale Museum! Chuck Close Photographs are now being exhibited at the Museum from March 20th through October 2, 2016. The exhibit is co-organized by Terrie Sultan, Director of the Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NY. The exhibition is incredible as are all the exhibitions at NSU Fort Lauderdale Museum!  At the reception, I went over to talk to Chuck Close. He was so very humble and genuinely approachable. It was a peak experience for me.

The amazing Chuck Close in front of his self portraits

Chuck Close NSU Museum

Chuck Close and I at NSU Art Museum

Chuck and Cheryl

The many faces of Gary Antonio!

My husband, Gary Antonio, is an Abstract Painter and also Art Instructor. He teaches at the Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, Fl. It was a great surprise to receive a photograph of Gary as Faculty Model in Chris Kling’s Portrait Class at the Lighthouse. Can you find the real Gary in these images!
Portraiture Class Spring 2016 Chris Kling

Gary Antonio Portraits

“Can’t We All Get Along”, Bengi and Sid

To end the blog for today, here is my adorable Bengi and Sid nestled together on the bed. Who says that cats and dogs don’t get along!

If Bengi and Sid can live in harmony, there is hope for the world after all!



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