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Cheryl Maeder Interview Introducing Gardenhouse

I am excited to present a short video interview where I introduce Gardenhouse. Appreciating the inherent beauty and peaceful energy of Nature, and observing how much a part of it, we are, I have created Gardenhouse to merge the outdoor and indoor living experience. Pushing my art and design aesthetic further, personally inspired by my Dreamscapes photographs and my nature-inspired wall coverings, GardenWalls, I have launched my own Signature Collection of Home Décor Designs at Gardenhouse.

Window Treatments, Drapes, Bohemian Chic, Everglades I
Drapes, Bohemian Chic Everglades I

Window Treatments, Urban Loft, Sea & Sky III
Window Treatments, Urban Loft Sea & Sky III

Accent Walls, Woodland Series, Turquoise
Accent Walls, Woodlands Turqouise

Glass Partitions, Italian Summer, Magenta
Italian Summer_Glass

Window Treatments, Modern Coastal, Japanese Spring, Turquoise
Window Treatments, Modern Coastal Japanese Spring_Turquoise

Upholstery, Summer Daisies, Lavender
Upholstery, Summer Daisies Gold Settee Lavender

Dishware, Summer Daisies Tea Kettle, Green
Dishware, Summer Daisies Tea Kettle Hero Green

Enchanted, Interactive Mixed Media Art Installation at Cornell Art Museum

I have collaborated with Artist Diane Arrieta to create Enchanted, an Interactive Mixed Media Art Installation currently being exhibited at Cornell Art Museum through September 9th.

Enchanted focuses on the beauty and lessons we as humans can learn from our natural landscapes and inhabitants. This installation offers a moment of sanctuary from the fast paced indoor lives we are living. By constructing a faux natural environment, based on land and sea, the artists are conveying the need to “slow down and smell the flowers” before it [nature] disappears. Enchanted throws its audience a life preserver.

So excited to share a short documentary created at the Maeder Studio on our artistic process in creating Enchanted

02 Enchanted Installed

03 nchanted Installed

04 Enchanted Installed

Darker, Maeder’s New Photographic Series

Deeper into the corridors, I dance along the way. Shedding layers of past and future lives, I walk slowly toward the darkness as it echoes and becomes the light.

Darker, One.

Darker, Two.

Darker, Three.

Darker, Seven.

More to come…..Till next time!
Bengi and Cheryl


  1. Janis Ehlers
    Posted July 18, 2018 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

    I love your work. Hope you’ll teach again in the area. You were inspirational.

    • admin
      Posted July 19, 2018 at 8:42 am | Permalink

      Thank you so very much, Janis! I so appreciate your comments! Would love to teach again when the opportunity arises!

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