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Behind the Scenes: The Filming of Celestial Babies

My apologies, I have not written in my blog for a month! Please forgive me, I have been working hard on my new photographic series Celestial Babies, as well as creating a film. As I had mentioned in a previous blog, I am collaborating with ISR Swim Instructors. I have been working closely with Krista Simpson, of Aqua Guppies and recently did a photoshoot also with Natalie Jones , another wonderful ISR Swim Instructor.

Last Sunday while parents and their babies filled my backyard, I was smiling inside recollecting the days when I photographed babies for fashion catalogues and advertising campaigns at my studio in San Francisco. Now I am again returning to photographing babies for this incredible project. The babies in these photographs appear to be floating in water but the photographs take on a much deeper meaning.

As in my artist statement,  I began photographing the babies and observing them as they were swimming and floating in the water. I could see the expressions on their faces and the joy of simply being.  As I observed the babies from a higher vantage point, I noticed that the babies were  not only swimming in water.  The babies appear to be  floating and suspended in Space.

Celestial Babies celebrates this return to innocence, joy and freedom. Through floating and swimming in water, the babies experience their natural connection to Water and their natural ability to swim.

Three Babies

Here is a Behind the Scenes film I created of the filming of Celestial Babies


Behind the Scenes Celesital I

Art Roundtable: Cheryl Maeder: Photography as Canvas

So very excited that on June 21st, 12:00 to 1:30 pm, I am giving an Artist Presentation at the wonderful NSU Art Museum , Fort Lauderdale. I am so looking forward to it!

NSU Art Museum

Bengi, Surfing Dog Takes his board to the beaches of Palm Beach

Bengi, my wonderful dog, like myself loves the water! He loves swimming in the pool and also riding his boogie board. I take him to the ocean where he loves riding his board along the beaches.

Bengi Surfing June 2016


Gary, Bengi and I often walk along the beautiful Palm Beach waterfront.

One of my favorite views is the wonderful pool along the waterway.

Palm Beach

I am going to sign off for now, however, I promise I will not wait long to write to you again.

Till next time!

Bengi and Cheryl

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