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A Christmas & Hannukah Story

In a few days, it will be the beginning of a new year. 2017 has not quietly swept by. There have been many shifts and transformations, both inside and out.

A few weeks ago, Gary and I moved to our new home and studio; a beautiful midcentury house right near the intercoastal waters of West Palm Beach. It is so open and airy both inside the home and studio, as well as, the neighborhood. My spirit and body just breathed a quiet sigh of happiness.

As you know, moving into a new home and studio sometimes comes with chaos when setting up a new internet system.   As with all in my life, it came first with upheaval and then transformed into miracles.

We moved in on a Monday, December 11th to be exact. On Tuesday, early in the morning, we set up all the computers. At 12:00 pm., I got a knock on the door that the AT&T cable guy had arrived for the installation. He looked friendly, and had a beard.   I was happy.   I thought he looked like a friendly Berkeley, California guy. It would all be okay. He then left the house and studio to take care of business and find the telephone pole. He knocked on my door, a half hour later, and informed me that he cannot go up the pole from my house. He stated, that if something happens to him and he falls, he could sue AT&T. I looked confused. He requested that I come with him to knock on various neighbors’ doors to see if they would let the AT&T cable guy enter their backyards to do the work on the pole. I reluctantly went with him, as it seemed strange to me. Also, I had not met the neighbors yet. I thought this was an odd way to meet them, being escorted by the AT&T cable guy. Well, it turned out that none of my neighbors were home. After an hour going around the neighborhood and knocking on doors, I was getting annoyed and embarrassed. The AT&T guy then advised me that he had to leave. He gave me his card, and told me to call him if a neighbor would consent to him entering their backyard to do the work. Left without internet service, and no ability to work, I called AT&T to tell them this strange situation and if they could send someone out so I could get service.

About 7:45 at night, I got a knock on our door, and reluctant cable guy was back and brought another cable guy with him. Once again they left to assess the situation. Finally somehow, though I don’t know how, they got up the infamous telephone pole. He knocked on my door again and this time informed me that he could not do the work again, as there were no cables on the pole. Perplexed, I could not understand why he couldn’t figure that out before by simply looking at the pole from my house? By this time, I changed my tune about him being friendly, Berkeley looking guy. In these few hours, he had now become the Unibomber cable guy.

The next day, early in the morning, happily -Ed, the AT&T cable guy appeared and apologized for the day before. As he left to go to the telephone pole, my worries were relieved that he didn’t make me go with him to knock on neighbors’ doors. This time it was different. Ed came back in a half hour and said all was fine. He had some work to do, but he promised me that all would be set up in a couple of hours. Ed – the saint of cable guys, kept his word. He did his job and then informed me that in a couple of hours, a new cable guy would come to install the internet with modem in my house. At 3:30 pm I received another knock on my door. Richard, the new and final AT&T cable guy, appeared. He walked in my house, saw the menorah sitting on the table and asked if it was just for show, or am I Jewish?   I said, I am Jewish, and he asked why I didn’t have a mezuzah on the door? I was so surprised! I had, literally, the first kosher cable guy on the planet! I told him I was going to put up a mezuzah, and he then said it has to be a kosher mezuzah! I was floored, I had never heard of a kosher mezuzah. Not only was I getting internet finally so I could work, I was also getting a Hebrew lesson in kosher mezuzahs! Richard was incredible, he came in joyfully and put my internet service together right there in front of me, complete with a new modem! He also enlightened me in certain spiritual, Judaic customs that I was not aware of.

The experience of putting in my internet was not only a joyful one, it was also a spiritual journey. I thanked Richard, and the universe for sending me Richard, who brought me both technology and light. And so from these three cable guys, in a town far from Bethlehem, my internet was finally born.

Our New Home & Studio with art work by Gary and I

Living Room House

Mary Tidy-Coyle in Maeder Studio

Mary Tidy Coyle


Had the wonderful opportunity to exhibit at Scope Art Fair, Miami with MH Projects/Paris, Mark Hachem.

Scope Art Fair MH Projects Dec 2017


On Saturday, December 16th, I gave an Artist Talk at Boca Raton Museum of Art. It was so wonderful to give the lecture and also work with Duane Smith, Adult and Community Program Coordinator!

Boca Museum jpg


So excited! We received our copy of There Magazine, 1 Day Art Miami in the mail just a few days ago. Gary and I were selected to have our work in this beautiful art magazine. There Magazine was distributed at Art Basel 2017 , as well as, Art Miami and Context Art Fairs! It is also being distributed globally! Just wonderful that Gary and I are a part of it.

There Magazine

One of my photographs in There Magazine.

Gary and Cheryl ShoesGary’s Painting Leap of Faith featured in There Magazine.



Another great opportunity that occurred in 2017, I was selected by PBS for Project Filmmaker PBS South Florida. This project was funded by National Endowment for the Arts. My film PLAY will be televised on PBS and Apple TV and I will receive mentorship with PBS and possible distribution of my film. This is such an amazing opportunity and I look forward to 2018, when play will be televised.





2017 was also the year that I launched my Signature Collection of Home Décor Designs at Gardenhouse gardenhouse home decor designs! A special wonderful thank you to Miami Art Scene for featuring my home décor designs in Kat Wagner’s wonderful, informative blog!

Miami Art Scene


In 2017, I was also featured in an interview for VOYAGE MIA Online Magazine .

What I liked so much about the interview was that it was not only on Maeder Photography, my fine art and filmmaking, but also featured Gardenhouse and my home décor designs. The interview felt very holistic combining my love for art and design.


It has been great sharing 2017 with you and I look forward to the coming year, 2018!

Till then…..

Bengi and Cheryl

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